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Forensic artist performs facial reconstruction on Crystal Head vodka bottle

What happens when a forensic artist gets their hands on a skull-shaped bottle of Crystal Head vodka?

(Credit: Nigel Cockerton/Crystal Head)

What happens when a forensic artist gets their hands on the skull-shaped bottle of Crystal Skull vodka?

We look at a bottle of Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head vodka and think, "Gosh, that'll make a nice candle holder or water decanter". Forensic artists, apparently, do not have the same thought processes as the rest of us.

Nigel Cockerton, who holds a Masters in Forensic and Medical Art from the University of Dundee, Scotland got his hands on one of these bottles and decided that the best use of it would be to employ his professional skills to unveil the human who might have been wrapped around the skull at some point.

It's an interesting idea — more so because Cockerton took pictures along the way, documenting the process of facial reconstruction in clay. It seems it's not as simple as just building a face based on the bone structure: first, Cockerton fitted in glass eyes, then he sculpted the facial musculature using depth markers, and then he finally laid the skin over the top.

(Credit: Nigel Cockerton/Crystal Head)

The result is one very happy person with a mad grille. Although we imagine anyone might look a little peculiar if their head was formerly filled with vodka.

Check out the Crystal Head Facebook page for the full set of images, from start to finish.