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Ford rolls out 'allergy-free' car

Mondeo uses tested materials


It's probably not generally known to the allergy-free public, but we pollen sufferers have been known to stay in our cars for temporary relief. Why? Because it's as close to a controlled air system as we can get, next to a plastic bubble. So it's actually not so weird that a major automaker has created what it calls an allergy-free model, especially at the height of hay fever season.

With its "Mondeo," which is about to go on the European market, Ford claims to have accomplished this by "abolishing chrome and nickel from the cockpit, using low-emission adhesives and allergen-tested textiles and leathers," according to Newlaunches, resulting in an "allergy-tested seal of approval from the German TUV Rhineland group." The upholstery, floor mats and even the steering wheel have been dermatologically tested, and it has a pollen filter to boot. (We hope it's not pine-scented.)

If all this works as planned, we may move out of our house altogether and live in a Mondeo down by the river.