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Ford CTO on Evos 'cloud' concept car (podcast)

Ford Chief Technology Officer Paul Mascarenas speaks at the IFA show in Berlin about the soon-to-debut Evos concept car.

Ford Chief Technology Officer Paul Mascarenas at the IFA trade show in Berlin Larry Magid

Ford's Evos concept car isn't on display at the IFA show in Berlin, but Ford's chief technology officer is there to discuss the vehicle, which will be "permanently connected to the cloud."

In a recorded interview (scroll down to listen), CTO Paul Mascarenas said that with Evos "being connected to the cloud, it can access data and information that allows the vehicle to understand your preferences as a driver." It could automatically play the type of music you like and even adjust the suspension, breaking, and routes based on your preferred driving style.

Mascarenas said the car could even monitor the driver's heart beat and, if it gets too high, might simplify the display to reduce distraction, turn down the radio's volume, or reduce the temperature. A smart parking application would know when you're arriving at your destination and reserve a parking space that includes an inductive recharging system.

Click below to listen to the eight-minute interview.

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