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For the Record Podcast: E-tailer 'scams' deceive consumers

Larry Magid speaks with Professor Prentiss Cox and CNET's Greg Sandoval about controversial marketing practices that some senators and angry online shoppers have called "scams."

As CNET's Greg Sandoval has been reporting, a number of well-known e-tailers have been implicated in marketing schemes that have led to people purchasing services that they were unaware they had signed up for.

Prentiss Cox,

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The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee has been investigating these practices, as has Professor Prentiss Cox of the University of Minnesota Law School. Members of the Senate and angry online shoppers have used such terms as "scam," "robbery," and "theft" to describe such practices.

To find out more about how these work, Larry Magid spoke with Cox and CNET's Greg Sandoval.

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