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Florida woman watches home burglarized live on Web

A woman installs a live video feed at her home as a security measure. At work Wednesday she watched her home being burgled live via her computer.

I know some people like to install live video feeds in their homes.

I always imagined it was because they don't trust their spouses. Or because they're well, a little odd. Perhaps even very odd.

However, Jeanne Thomas, 43, put her live feed in last October when her home was burglarized. Which turns out to have been a peculiarly clairvoyant decision.

She was sitting in her office Wednesday, and, perhaps because offices are somewhat tedious places, she happened to be watching her dogs scamper about at home.

Suddenly, she noticed visitors appearing through her doggie door. Were her doggies having a poodle party while their Mommy was working? These did not appear to be, well, doggies at all. No, these were hound dogs who were slim enough and mean enough to burglarize her house.

One can only imagine the few seconds during which Ms. Thomas must have suddenly experienced a rapidly expanding air pocket in her throat. However, she swallowed hard and called 911.

The Boynton Beach, Fla., police, ever armed and ready, raced over to her house where they apprehended Curtis Williams, 20 and Steven Morales, 19, inside. They caught another couple of suspects at a home nearby.

The accused are charged with trying to make off with a 37-inch flat screen TV, a "gaming machine" (with games), and a safe.

The police, having appeared, as police should do, right at the end of the movie, sped back to their place of work and put Ms. Thomas' video on YouTube.

It is an enchanting five minutes of footage, so please enjoy. Apparently, it makes for more than interesting viewing when you're just sitting around at the office.