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Finnish tech fest hangs up most badass winter sign ever

A witty greeting outside the Helsinki airport makes winter travel feel a little warmer.

If you hail from a cold climate (Twin Cities, represent!), you know there's a certain amount of swagger that goes with the frostbite. Sure, you grumble about scraping car windshields and shoveling driveways, but secretly, you feel a certain superiority over all those thin-blooded folks on Facebook who whine when the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius).

A sign in Finland that went viral this week sums up that feeling perfectly. The Slush tech conference welcomed those brave enough to travel during such a chilly time with this greeting:

"Helsinki in November is weather-wise probably the worst possible place you can imagine.," Slush CEO Marianne Vikkula told The Independent. "It's dark, wet and cold. You might have seen photos of beautiful snowbanks -- well, you don't usually find them in Helsinki (they're in Lapland). We at Slush have always been about originality and honesty, so we try to take the best out of the sh***y weather."

It's the perfect sign for winter badasses, not to mention a company called "Slush."