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Tech Industry

Fatbrain comfy with 3Q estimates Inc. (Nasdaq: FATB) tried to puff itself up Wednesday by saying it had a "positive outlook" for the third quarter. But the online book retailer's projections indicate it will meet, or sligtly beat, estimates with a fat loss between 80 and 82 cents a share.

The company said the results would be "above consensus analyst estimates." But according to First Call's consensus of five analysts, the company is expected to lose 82 cents a share.

Fatbrain shares closed at 26 5/8 Tuesday. The stock has risen since receiving a $10 million cash injection from Highland Capital Partners and Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures.

The company also said revenue would be about $10 million for the quarter. Chris MacAskill, president and chief executive officer said revenue growth was driven by the addition of new business-to-business partners in Fatbrain's corporate Intranet bookstore and print-on-demand operations. The company also saw a positive reaction to its new eMatter initiative, which publishes documents online. will announce official results for the third quarter after market close on November 23.