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Facebook's former top lawyer joins start-up Evri

Rudy Gadre left Facebook to move back to Seattle, and now he's been hired as vice president of business operations at the Seattle-based search-and-discover company.

When the news broke earlier this week that Facebook had hired D.C. veteran Ted Ullyot as its general counsel, many news outlets (this one included) took it to mean that this was the first time that the young company had hired executive-level internal counsel.

Not so: as reported by, Facebook's prior general counsel, Rudy Gadre, had left the company in July "to move to Seattle and spend more time with his family." Gadre had actually been at Facebook since 2006.

Regardless of the validity of the ages-old "spend more time with the family" explanation, we now have an update on Gadre's whereabouts: search-and-discover start-up Evri, which is based in Seattle, has hired him as vice president of business operations. He'll be in charge of legal issues, intellectual property, and various marketing and "audience building" tasks.

Prior to working at Facebook, Gadre had spent time at law firms Beacon Law Advisors and Perkins Coie, as well as

This spring, Evri CEO Neil Roseman, also an Amazon veteran, said his company's aim is to construct a "data graph of the Web." Evri has been funded by Vulcan Capital, the venture firm founded by Paul Allen.