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Facebook photo of a gun and his 1-year-old gets man arrested

An Ohio man is arrested after adorning Facebook with a picture of his one-year-old and what turns out to be a BB gun.

Fox 19 Cincinnati Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

Babies and guns go together like salmon and WD-40. Still, in the inevitable quest to amuse, excite, fascinate or merely catch the eye of those who saunter around Facebook's dark corners, sometimes people feel the need to post odd things.

Domonic Gaines thought it might be (perhaps) fun to post a picture of him holding his 1-year-old daughter while also holding a gun.

The desired effect is unknown. But the slightly less desirable result was that he was arrested for child endangerment.

As Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports, Gaines, a 22-year-old from Colerain Township, Ohio, is currently being held without bond in Hamilton County Jail.

It seems that the child's maternal grandmother saw the photo and, perhaps unsurprisingly, wasn't entirely enamored. Her reaction was reportedly to call the police. Well, guns have been in the news lately.

The weapon turned out to be a BB gun. However, the police still weren't impressed, hence the child endangerment charges.

It still seems a foreign notion to many that when you post something on Facebook, it might be worth thinking about who might see your post and what they might think of it. People are strange. You can't always trust their impulses on being offered certain visual stimuli.

Some might imagine that, say, posting a picture of your 1-year-old while holding a gun might just upset someone.

On the other hand, Gaines's father, Wilson Dykes, told Fox 19 that he hopes reason might prevail. "It's really been blown out of proportion," he said.

Oh, if only everyone in the world had the same proportions.