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Facebook messes with your emotions in CNET UK podcast 395

Facebook has owned up to manipulating moods of its users, while Uber has dodged court in the UK.

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I get so emotional, baby, as a great lady once sang, and Facebook has been taking notes. The popular social network is in trouble for manipulating the moods of its users, messing with our minds without telling us.

Academics and researchers at Facebook manipulated news feeds and discovered that happy posts in your news feed lead you to say happy things -- and vice versa.

Other folks getting emotional this week include British Airways, which is testing a mood-sensing blanket, and the BBC's Robert Peston, who spotted that a story he'd written had been removed from Google's search results under the EU's But the removal may backfire as the Streisand Effect comes into effect...

Meanwhile in London controversial e-hailing app Uber has dodged a day in court -- but only because six Uber drivers are already in the dock. And speaking of court, we've been behind the scenes at Wimbledon too.

Facebook messes with your emotions in CNET UK podcast 395

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