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Expect iOS 6, new MacBooks at Apple conference Monday

Bridget Carey quickly breaks down Apple's WWDC event, the top games from E3 2012, and what Facebook's App Center is really about.

In today's show, we look into the Apple crystal ball, get hit with more apps and save up for new games:

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Apple will be highlighting new products at its annual Developer's Conference Monday. Expect computers to get Intel's new processors, and we'll likely hear about new 3D maps on iOS 6 and other mobile system upgrades.

Some have said laptops could get retina display, which is found on iPhones and iPads. That seemed pretty improbably, until recently. An application for Macs has been updated to support retina graphics. That raised a few eyebrows.

The presentation kicks off Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific. Be sure to follow all the news from CNET's WWDC live blog.

Facebook has launched App Center, which is a hub of hundreds of mobile apps. When you select an app, Facebook redirects you to download it from Apple's App Store or the Google Play Android store. Facebook's just doing this because all apps that post to Facebook benefit Facebook's bottom line. It's slowly rolling out to all users.

I didn't get the App Center yet, but I did notice another change to my Facebook page: The field to type in my status update now asks me "What's the best thing that happened to you today?" instead of the usual "What's on your mind?"

A new question replaces the typical "What's on your mind?" prompt for Facebook's status field. Screenshot by Bridget Carey / CNET

Apparently Facebook is testing new attention-grabbing tactics to get us to write more status updates? Or maybe I'm just so negative, that Facebook is just trying to get me to post something happy. (Sigh.)

The big video game conference E3 wrapped up, and we got a taste of what's coming soon from the top video game publishers. If you don't follow games, be sure to watch today's show for a fast-paced rundown of the new title's you should keep an eye on (and save your money for), and compare your favs with Jeff Bakalar's best-of E3 list.

I'm most looking forward to Injustice. What about you? Your questions and comments can make it on the show. Use Tout to message Bridget with a 15 second video reply from your webcam or smartphone camera. Or, simply post a reply video to the CNET YouTube channel. You can also send an email.

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