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Episode 603: Dancing with the Google

Android hits the streets, Google pays for Android apps, and Androids may soon be dancing with ... each other.

Today on BOL, Android hits the streets, Google pays for Android apps, and Androids may soon be dancing with ... each other. It's a big Android day. In other news, Apple rumors heat up again and hey! Tom's back! Hooray!


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Isaac Minneapolis
Don't change the interface.

HD Guy
Here's the scoop on my player and upconverting.

Kyle Mitchell South Dakota
Where is our teleportation?

Microsoft nudging its way into the Web 2.0 world
Here we go again. Microsoft is just now putting up job postings for a team to build a Web 2.0 site. The site would include "building a next-generation photo and video sharing service that will compete with Flickr." It looks like Microsoft is just now realizing they need to stick their foot in the water of the Web 2.0 madness.

Good luck, Microsoft, but it might be a little late. What are your thoughts on their attempt to compete with Flickr?

- Andrew Grin

P.S. A funny part of their posting is at the start by saying "Heard of Flickr? YouTube? How about .Mac?" Oh, Microsoft, all you need to do to build Web 2.0 is attract a few creative Mac fanboys.

OLPC give one get one starts today!
Please don't miss this one: the OLPC sales started today, Monday. They will last only 15 more days, and it's the chance you have to buy a laptop for only 200 dollars (and buy another for a child in need).

After hearing about the iPhone launch for a whole week, reporting on the launch of OLPC is the least you could do to redeem all those linux chasers. ;)

Besides it's for a limited time only; only lasts 15 days.

Alexandre Van de Sande

O2 or Carphone Warehouse for iPhone purchase?
Hi, Molly, Tom and Jason,

Sixty or so people including myself stood in line outside the 02 store in the famous city of Bath in the UK to purchase our iPhones on Friday night. The interesting point about this story was that despite the desperate pleading of a few Carphone Warehouse staff who were moving along the queue, not one of us moved to either of their two "within sight" stores that were themselves lacking any sort of queue. As we were just about to enter the O2 store we were even promised a £20 discount on any iPhone accessories but when requested, were not given any written proof of this.

What is strange is that we have absolutely no idea why we did this.

Was it just that famous British habit of joining and then staying in a queue whenever we see one?

Maybe it was the what I read to be a cautionary notice that was written on the Carphone Warehouse Web site: "Available to order from 9th September at Carphone Warehouse Stores." We had confirmed earlier in the day that the O2 store had 140 units in stock.

Perhaps it was our respect for 02's branding, as it was as close to an Apple experience as we can get. Apple apparently chose O2 as a partner as a result of a "branding" discussion. I have noticed that Carphone Warehouse has used an incorrect typeface for the "Say hello to" on their printed literature.

Any ideas would be welcome.

(obviously fond of cutting off his nose to spite his face ;-)

Piracy pretty much legal in Canada now (it's official)
I stumbled across this in my Google Reader stream. You may have already seen it, but just in case: (Links to first) (Original news document, albeit in French)

Hope you find this interesting, I certainly did. This seems to be a complete foil of the American RIAA, which is hounding the justice system to prosecute individual file sharers. I wouldn't be too shocked if the RIAA sued the CRIA for inducement. Certainly some money quotes in the article; I recommend it highly.


NBC Direct Download and DRM
Hi, Molly, Jason, and whoever is there today,

I went to the site, was told that my browser (Firefox) was incompatible. I then loaded it in IE and agreed to download the client. I picked the latest episode of The Office, waited for it to download, and then hit play. I then watched an ad for pasta that I walked out of the room for, and when I came back I received a Microsoft DRM error message. I clicked "upgrade," and then was sent to a generic Microsoft troubleshooting page. I then promptly went to add/remove programs, and eradicated any trace of this pointless service from my computer. I then went on The Pirate Bay and found the episode in HD and at extremely fast Bit Torrent speed--and of course DRM free. When will this industry get a clue? Pump it full of pasta ads. I actually love pasta. I don't, however love DRM, and I refuse to put up with it anymore.

Love the show,

Mike the electrical engineer

Wiki Wars
Hola, Buzz Crew!

Anybody scrolling through the forums has seen the big Wikipedia debate over Jason's article, which at the moment is deleted. Now, the admin has marked you three (Tom, Molly, AND Veronica) as pages for deletion. I'm asking for a little help from BuzzTown to find sources "independent of the person" to satisfy the oh-so-STRINGENT Wikipedia guidelines. Or even if y'all three know sites. What would be best, I think, is a Wiki admin in Buzztown that can settle this situation. (Personal suggestion: Remove those admins from Wikipedia for not listening to BOL) Just don't tell them about the SpectacleFest page that's still up. I don't think even OJ's lawyer could argue for that one.

Thanks for any assistance y'all can broadcast or provide.


The friendly neigborhood Wikipedia editor from San Antonio, Texas.
(Couldn't ya tell from all the y'alls?)