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Episode 32: Unboxing the hotly anticipated HTC One

In this week's episode, we finally get our hands on the HTC One, Sharon Vaknin shows us a cool GoPro trick, and Molly discovers that the homes of the future are already in our midst.

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After weeks of clawing and scratching, we were finally able to get the perpetually delayed HTC One to "unbox" here in San Francisco (with a ding in the back, no less!). Fresh out of the envelope from our guys in New York, it only took a matter of seconds for Jeff to start with the Matrix jokes. The One...

As corny as Jeff's jokes are, we think HTC's Neo might have indeed taken the red pill and left our humble dream world, because we've been begging for it for months and it's still not available for purchase. But oh man, is it pretty!

How To and Sharon Vaknin return to show us a thing or two about GoPro time-lapses. She takes a camera, a wind-up kitchen timer, and a cloudy day in San Francisco and turns it into a slick video that will wow your friends! Her only hiccup was a few multiplication tables. But, lucky for you, you most likely won't have to assemble your time-lapse machine in front of a camera and crew. Talk about pressure!

Next, Molly heads a few blocks west to check out Engineered Environments and Studio Becker. They've put a motor and a screen in about every piece of furniture imaginable. From TVs in your bathroom mirror, to motorized trap doors hiding your array of Rolexes, to playing Pong with Anderson Cooper's face across your kitchen, the homes of the future are well within reach...if you've got the funds, of course.

In this week's mailbag, "Anonoutmous" makes an appearance, and we hear the first response to last week's future passwords debate. Want to use your eyeballs to activate your smartwatch? Then this is the show for you. That's it for this week -- thanks for watching!