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Tech Industry

ENIAC - Video Roundup

ENIAC creator shares memories.

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    Computer history on display

    A museum's guided tour through the beginnings of the computer, including the ENIAC.

    ENIAC: A public debut

    Vintage footage of the famous computer's big demo.

    ENIAC creator shares memories

    Computer inventor John Mauchly tells all.


    Your first PC?

    Attendees of IBM's PC anniversary celebration.

    Gates on first Compaq clones

    Compaq's Rod Canion and Microsoft's Bill Gates discuss the first PC clone.

    $666.66 seemed like a good idea

    Apple's co-founder explains the infamous computer price.

    Wozniak: Demon typist

    Apple co-founder reminisces about writing hexadecimal codes.

    Apple was cheap, and on TV

    Forty bucks for a processor--what a deal!

    Wozniak on Homebrew:

    Thirtieth anniversary celebration for home computer pioneers.