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This large and well-reviewed air fryer is just $40 (that's $100 off) today only

Yes, you read that right.

Best Buy

Air fryers are sweeping the nation. Using little more than rapid hot air circulation they produce results similar to regular frying but with little or no oil, so you might see why they're popular with health-minded folks who don't want to give up their precious french fries. Right now, a large Emerald digital air fryer is on major discount, down to less than $40 at Best Buy as its Deal of the Day.

The Emerald 5.2-liter air fryer has ample capacity to cook your big batch of chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and crispy fries. (Wait, if you're really making all that, can I come over?). Its diverse cook temps and seven preset programs give you ultimate control, and a timer ensures you never overcook, even if you get a little distracted. 

Snag one at the bargain price -- today only -- and then check out a few unexpected air fryer recipes you have to try in your new oil-less fryer. Best Buy also offers fast free shipping or you can pick it up today in a nearby brick and mortar (though it must be ordered online).