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Ellen: Mock iPhone ad prompts Apple scolding

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres says Apple failed to see the humor in her jokey iPhone ad, and she apologizes. But has Cupertino lost its feel for the public's pulse?

Everywhere one turns nowadays it seems that Apple is being accused of being too touchy.

First, Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" ridicules Apple after police stormed the home of a Gizmodo editor who had acquired a lost iPhone prototype. Then Apple allegedly fires one of its engineers for showing an iPad before the device's official debut to the very threatening Steve Wozniak--one of Apple's three founders. Later, Wozniak chided Apple for not being nice enough.

Now, comedian Ellen DeGeneres says she received a scolding from Apple for her send-up of the company's iPhone commercials. On her show, DeGeneres apologized profusely. "They thought that I made it look like the iPhone was hard to use," she said. "It's not hard to use...I love it. I love my iPad. I love my iPod. I love IHOP."

The recent events make one wonder if Apple needs to get its hands back on the public's pulse. It might help the company's image if someone over in Cupertino reminds everybody to lighten up. Apple sells products that are supposed to be fun and hip.

It can hardly hurt the company's image to have a sense of humor.