Electronic Arts launches digital distribution system

blog EA Link program allows users to download some of the company's leading games on as many PCs as they like.

Electronic Arts, the world's largest video game maker, on Friday announced the launch of EA Link, a digital distribution system.

The company said EA Link is designed to deliver secure downloads of some of its leading games, such as "Need for Speed: Carbon," "The Sims 2," "The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth" and dozens of others to PC owners.

Players can pay for games using several payment options, including PayPal. And EA said once players pay for the games, they can install them on as many computers as they like.

EA Link is an updated version of an older digital distribution system called EA Downloader. It is the latest downloadable games option for players who already can choose from Microsoft's Xbox Live and will soon be able to access games via similar offerings from Sony.

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