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Eich confirms departure from Mozilla

Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich says that he is leaving the Mozilla organization and will be "less visible" online.

Brendan Eich, Mozilla's chief technology officer and the founder of JavaScript, said the B2G browser-based mobile OS has less software overhead than iOS and Android and therefore can use lower-cost hardware. He spoke at Mobile World Congress.
Mozilla co-founder and now former CEO Brendan Eich has left the company. Stephen Shankland/CNET

Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich confirmed in a blog post on Thursday that he has left Mozilla.

He started by revisiting a recent talk he gave on privacy and user data, but Eich then said at the end of the post that he has not only stepped down as CEO of the company he co-founded, but he that he will be leaving the organization entirely for now.

"I've resigned as CEO and I'm leaving Mozilla to take a rest," he wrote.

Eich, who has been an active member of the Twitter world for years, also apparently is taking a rest from microblogging. His last tweet pointed to the blog post, and now Twitter says of his @brendaneich account, "That user does not exist."

Mozilla confirmed that Eich has left the company, following his promotion to the chief executive role and the attending controversy over his financial support for the California anti-gay marriage law Proposition 8.

Eich's resignation was as controversial as his brief tenure as CEO, with former and current Mozilla employees expressing mixed feelings about the situation.

"Thanks indeed to all who have supported me, and to all my colleagues over the years, at Mozilla, in standards bodies, and at conferences around the world. I will be less visible online, but still around," he said.