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Tech Industry

EFF: Apple to hold off on subpoenas

Organization says the Mac maker will delay requests for subpoenas of Mac gossip sites until after a court hears its objections.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said Wednesday that it has reached a tentative agreement with Apple Computer to delay subpoena requests until after a court hears the EFF's objections. Apple Computer is using the subpoenas of several Mac enthusiast sites and their Internet service providers to learn the identities of those who leaked details of forthcoming Apple products.

In an e-mail, EFF attorney Kurt Opsahl said that under the agreement, which is still being finalized, Apple's subpoenas would be due five court days after a judge rules on the EFF's request for a protective order to block the subpoenas. A hearing on the matter could come March 4, depending on the court's availability, Opsahl said. An Apple representative declined comment.