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Ears-on with Sony's weird PFR-V1 headphones

They sound great while looking "special."

Crave UK

Japan is rightly feted for its wonderfully peculiar innovations, but we've got hold of the most unusual in the mainstream audio market since Rolly. Sony's new PFR-V1s aren't headphones if Sony has its way--they're "Personal Field Speakers." Whatever you call them, they look bloody weird, but they sound hella sexy.

Kudos to the bloke who designed these, because he thought a little outside the box and attacked the headphone market at an unusual angle. True, the result makes you look like you forgot to take that morning's brain medicine, but audio connoisseurs will appreciate they bring something a little out of the ordinary to the world of music. See Donald Bell's preview of them and click here for more.

(Source: Crave UK)