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Domino's can help you find love with cheesy Tinder chat-up lines

But if you love pizza more than people, you can tell the world with a specially designed temporary tattoo.


Like what you see? Match with Domino's chat bot for free (but questionable) dating advice.

The dogs from "Lady and the Tramp" may have shared a moonlit plate of spaghetti, but Domino's hopes the UK's romantics will break the ice over a slice of pizza this Valentine's Day.

The pizza maker is launching a Tinder bot to send chat-up lines to hopeful romantics in the UK. If you swipe right on "Dom Juan" the love guru, it'll feed you such sure-fire date winners as "I pepper-only have eyes for you" and "you've stolen a pizza my heart," which you can send on to the real people you've matched with. The lines are so cheesy that a conspiracy theorist might suspect they're designed to leave would-be daters with nothing but a Domino's pizza to comfort them on the big night.


Who needs other humans, anyway? Tattoo artist Alice Perrin has designed a range of temporary tattoos for pizza superfans.

Matt Alexander / Domino's Pizza

The fast food and tech industries love a good PR stunt, and Domino's is an expert in the field. In recent years it's pioneered a robot delivery bot, allowed hungry customers to order with an emoji and taken to the air to send pizzas by drone.

But if cheese and dough are the only sure things in your life this week, don't despair. Domino's is offering a year's supply of pizza to one superfan this year. You're also in with a chance of winning one of 100 temporary pizza tattoos designed by Alice Perrin, the tattoo artist star of E4's "Tattoo Fixers". 

"Pizza tattoos are so popular, and I've even used it to cover up some ink mistakes in the past," Perrin says. "The number one reason people get tattoos is to show their love for something so what better way is there to show your love for pizza?!"

So if pizza is your boyfriend now, and you live in the UK, email to declare your feelings. 

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