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DOJ moves forward with breakup plans

Government lawyers make minor changes to their plan for penalizing Micorosoft for violations of antitrust law.


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Government lawyers make minor revisions to their proposal for splitting up Microsoft over violations of antitrust laws as the judge prepares to issue his penalty ruling as early as this week.

"In some instances Microsoft outsmarted itself."

- Rich Gray, intellectual property attorney, Outside General Counsel Silicon Valley


DOJ tweaks Microsoft remedy plan
Government lawyers agree to mostly cosmetic changes in their proposed Microsoft penalty as the clock winds down for a decision from Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson.

Breaking the giant: Special Coverage DOJ allows some Microsoft changes to breakup proposal
The government will concede to some of the changes the software giant requested but is likely to oppose others on concern the judge might consider adopting them without reasonable input.

Gates to outline business e-commerce tools
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates will unveil new technology, part of the company's Next Generation Windows Services plan aimed at the booming business-to-business e-commerce market.