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Does iOS 5.1 fix battery drain? Some say yes, some say no

A review of online comments and communities finds many iOS users enjoying better battery life, though some say the problem persists.


Apple's new iOS 5.1 seems to be getting better grades at preserving battery life. But not everyone is happy.

A glance at Apple's Support Communities uncovered a few threads on the topic.

Some posters found an improvement in the battery charge. One recounted a full day of activity using the phone and said "I've had days of not doing anything and lost more charge than this." Another reported positive results with a "significant improvement." A third poster said that the "iOS update seems to have really helped my iPhone battery drain issues."

But many of those chiming in said the problem had gotten worse.

One person found the battery draining faster after installing iOS 5.1, saying that the charge dropped by 20 percent in two hours without using the phone to talk. Another said that battery life was fine with iOS 5.0.1, but since updating the drain was almost 60 percent overnight. A third reported the battery draining around 12 to 15 percent per hour after the update.

A discussion about iOS 5.1 and battery life at the MacRumors forums found several satisfied customers.

One poster saw a huge improvement, calling the latest update "a huge fix." Another said that "after several hours use this morning, battery drain is about half of normal for my 4S." Others uploaded screenshots showing less of a battery drain than they experienced before iOS 5.1.

But again, some reported negative results. One person noticed "significant battery drain issues" since the 5.1 update, with the charge falling from 93 percent to 75 percent in less than half an hour of limited use. Another noted a drain of 25 percent in an hour and half of regular use, saying "it wasn't this bad before the fix."

A tour of Twitter discovered generally positive comments from iOS users. Many tweeted that they've been seeing a healthy improvement in battery life. But some advised people not to update to 5.1, saying the battery drain is worse.

So overall, the verdict isn't quite in yet. The update seems to have helped many disgruntled iOS users but has left others with the same drain or one even worse.

If you're an IOS user running 5.1, have you seen any differences in battery life? Vote in our poll and let us know.