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DIY Lego large-format cam actually works

Photographer Cary Norton made a charming 4x5 camera out of Lego bricks. He has plans for a pinhole too.

Lego large-format camera
The Legotron, Mark I is not for sale, but we still want it. Cary Norton

Sure, you've built houses and perhaps even the Death Star with Lego bricks before, but how about a 4x5 large-format film camera that actually works?

Lego large-format camera
Focus is achieved by sliding the internal box forward and backward (click to enlarge). Cary Norton

It took Birmingham, Ala., photographer Cary Norton more than a year to achieve what seemed like an impossible task. He painstakingly assembled the Legotron, Mark I using a 127mm F4.7 lens that he bought on eBay for $40 and an unknown number of Lego bricks. The camera measures approximately 7 inches by 6.5 inches by 7 inches.

He says that the focal range is limited to roughly 3 feet from about 1.5 feet, which makes it ideal for portrait photography. He's now working on the Mark II, which he hopes will be able to focus to infinity and has plans for a pinhole version, too. Norton has already shot four dreamy-looking photos with this beauty, which can be viewed on his blog, alongside photos of the entire process.

Large-format cameras are typically used by professional photographers and landscape artists, some of whom include Ansel Adams and Russell Wong.

If a 4x5 film camera is too expensive, you know what to do.

(Source: Crave Asia)