Disney's Iger: iTV has a hard drive

Tech Culture

Disney President and CEO Bob Iger revealed a few details about Apple Computer's forthcoming iTV product yesterday, including the fact that it will come with a small hard drive.

Apple, in a rare move, shared details last week of its iTV product months before it will be released. The iTV device will let users stream movies or television programs from their Macs or PCs to their televisions, but it will also allow people to download videos directly to their televisions, where they can be stored on iTV's hard drive, Iger said during Goldman Sachs' Communicopia XV conference in New York yesterday. An audio recording of his remarks is available here.

Iger didn't expand on the capacity of the iTV hard drive, other than to call it "small." The device will be able to detect PCs or Macs with wireless capabilities and automatically connect to those systems, and will will play videos at DVD-quality resolution, he said.

Disney is the launch partner for the movie section of Apple's iTunes store, with titles available from four studios owned by the company. An Apple representative declined to comment.

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