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Diskeeper 2011 aims to instantly defrag hard disk

Scheduled to launch in the first quarter, Diskeeper's new program is designed to quickly and automatically clear up any fragmentation on your hard disk.

LAS VEGAS--In its quest to keep your hard drive fully defragmented, Diskeeper plans to release a new program aiming to both prevent and instantly clear up fragmentation.

Being demoed at CES this week, Diskeeper 2011 will combine two features to handle disk fragmentation. First launched in Diskeeper 2010, IntelliWrite will stop up to 85 percent of most fragmentation before it happens by intelligently writing data to the disk, according to the company. And the new Instant Defrag will instantly and automatically defrag any remaining fragments, the company says.

The company sees Instant Defrag as a way to ensure continued system performance and reliability by not waiting for fragmentation to seep in.

Diskeeper 2011 is set to launch in the first quarter of 2011.