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Digislide makes a micro-projector

PHOENIX--Even the smallest of today's PowerPoint projectors are too heavy to easily carry around with you, and on top of that they're very expensive. DigiSlide's upcoming DigiSmart projector will let you project up to about 11x17 inches from a projector that's currently 1.5 inches long by 1 inch square. The company says the shipping version (coming late this year) will be even smaller. Oddly, the presenter is heavily pitching this product for cell phone and PDA users.

It sounds great, but it doesn't make for a great demo in front of 700 people. A somewhat dim 11x17 display from out in the cheap seats doesn't come across all that well. But this is the kind of thing almost everybody who works in teams could make use of--looking at a projected image beats huddling over a laptop any day.