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Designer Macworld Part 3: OmniGroup

OmniGroup were showing their new OmniFocus and v5 of OmniGraffle applications.

OmniGroup is one of my favorite Mac application developers. They make slightly niche, slightly quirky, but always very well-crafted and innovative applications that take full advantage of the technologies built into the OS.

Omni were showing off their new OmniFocus application, for those who are fans of the GTD approach to task management.

They were also showing (in beta) version 5 of their oddly-named but wonderful application OmniGraffle. This is usually described as diagramming application similar to Visio, but this does its wide range of applications an injustice. I use OmniGraffle all the time for all manner of activities, from resource tracking to brainstorming to creating quick and dirty websites. At frog design (where Tim and I work), it is used by many folks for more traditional information design and taskflow analysis.

Version 5 fixes some of the small niggles from the previous rev, like how the automatic hierarchical tree building works (think org charts). But it also introduces new features like true beziers, improved master pages, a dramatically improved stencil management palette, and an overall streamlined interface that should make working in it significantly faster, especially if on a laptop (goodbye floating palettes).