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Delta to use facial recognition for self-service baggage check

The technology is first being tested at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer.


Delta is testing out a machine that will let customers check their own bags using facial recognition technology.


Delta hopes your face will be the key to a faster check-in process.

The carrier announced Monday that it'll be the first in the US to test facial recognition technology as a means of verifying customers' identities.

The test will revolve around four self-service bag drop machines it's placing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. The machines will let customers quickly check their own bags instead of using an agent.

"One machine will be equipped to test facial recognition technology to match customers with their passport photos through identification verification," Delta said.

Delta cites wanting to both speed up the check-in process (the carrier said they could potentially process double the customers per hour) as well as free up their staff to directly assist travelers.

Facial recognition technology has had a rough road. While it's included in the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, even Samsung admits that the technology doesn't currently provide a very secure experience. On the other hand, the technology has helped law enforcement with investigations by cutting down the time it takes to identify objects or people.