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Dell appoints new chief accounting executive

In the midst of an SEC investigation into its accounting practices, Dell's VP of finance for the public sector becomes the PC maker's new chief accounting officer.

In the midst of a federal investigation into its accounting practices, Dell has appointed a new chief accounting officer, Thomas Sweet.

Sweet, formerly Dell's vice president of finance for the public sector, succeeds Joan Hooper in the role. Hooper's new title is vice president of finance for the Americas region.

A Dell representative called Hooper's new assignment part of the company's rotation of executives and a "restructuring of its global finance leadership team," and would not comment on whether the move is related to the current Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into the company's accounting practices.

Dell's internal investigation into the matter turned up "evidence of misconduct," the company reported in late March.

The PC maker has undergone several leadership changes in the past months, beginning with the departure of CFO Jim Schneider in December. Then in late January, Kevin Rollins left and was replaced as CEO by company founder Michael Dell. Shortly after, John Hamlin, head of global online and brand marketing, also left the company.