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Dell 24-inch 4K monitor leaks

Dell is planning to release a 24-inch 4K monitor, according to data on the company's Web site.

Dell's UP2414Q 4K monitor.
Dell's UP2414Q 4K monitor. Dell

A Dell 24-inch 4K monitor is on the way, according to data posted on the company's Web site.

Though there are 32-inch 4K displays on the market already, a 24-inch UHD product could signal a new trend, according to Anandtech.

Specifications for the UP2414Q from the Dell page include and an "Ultra HD 3,840x2,160" resolution (184 pixels per inch) that "packs in four times the resolution of Full HD" and a 178 degree viewing angle.

Other specs include 10-bit, 1.07 billion colors and HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DP, four USB 3.0 and a 6-in-1 card reader.

Dell's UltraSharp 24-inch Ultra HD is priced at $1,399 and is available now in the Americas.