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Deal of the day: Sony noise-canceling earbuds

These Sony noise-canceling earbud headphones, originally priced at $99.99, are on sale for $64.95 at

With new reports continuing to come out on the effect of earbud headphones on hearing, the potential dangers of music fans' beloved portable devices are coming to light. A recent column at posited that noise-canceling headphones could help reduce damage because users don't need to turn their volume up as loud to drown out surrounding noise.

Sony Cyber-shot

These Sony noise-canceling earbud headphones, available from Sony for $99.99, are on sale for $64.95 at This is the lowest price we could find on the headphones.

What: Sony MDR-NC11A Noise Canceling Headphones
How much: $64.95
Shipping: $6.99
When: While supplies last
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