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'Daredevil' season 2 teaser shows off Elektra and the Punisher

Marvel releases a brief teaser trailer for season 2 of the hit series "Daredevil," giving us our first look at Elektra and the Punisher.

The first season of Marvel's hit superhero series "Daredevil" ended with a bang, and it looks like season 2 is going to pick up right where season 1 left off.

Marvel showed attendees of last week's New York Comic Con a brief teaser trailer for the upcoming season, and on Monday posted the trailer on the company's Facebook page for all to see. The first three-quarters of the two-minute video shows what happened in the first season, which was released in its entirety in April, while the final 30 seconds shows off new footage from season 2.

The new footage opens with Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, asking his priest why he still feels so guilty even after the events in the finale of season 1. The priest advises Daredevil that guilt can be a good thing, as it is a" soul's call to action."

And Daredevil is definitely going to be called to action in season 2.

The teaser gives us our first glimpse of Elektra (played by √Člodie Yung), Murdock's former college lover who has, at various times in her story arc, both fought and helped Daredevil. The clip also shows the Punisher ( played by Jon Bernthal), a former Marine who fights crime in Hell's Kitchen using deadly force, an approach Murdock will likely take issue with as season 2 plays out.

Murdock will likely butt heads with both Elektra and the Punisher when season 2 of "Daredevil" comes to Netflix sometime in 2016.