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Daniel Radcliffe will guest star on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in 2020

The Harry Potter actor will co-star in the interactive special.

Daniel Radcliffe Visits Magic Radio

Harry Potter will bring his magic to Kimmy Schmidt.

Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe will co-star in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive special, Netflix said Thursday. The special will air in 2020 and mark the end of the series.

Starring Ellie Kemper, the Netflix original comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt features a woman who moves to New York City after being rescued from a cult where she spent 15 years in an underground bunker.

Netflix announced the interactive special -- which will also feature series regulars Tituss Burgess, Jane Krakowski and Carol Kane -- in May.

"We're thrilled to announce that we're about to start production on an all-new Interactive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt special, set to debut on Netflix in 2020," creator and executive producer Tina Fey said at the time.

Fey added that it'll be the first interactive comedy special on Netflix, allowing viewers to make choices on behalf of the characters. Different story paths will have different jokes, she said.

"I think it's a great fit for our show and will be a great way to officially complete the series," Fey said.