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Daily Rocket aims at investors

A new online site called The Daily Rocket will target self-sufficient, beginning investors.

Another financial publisher is coming to the Web. A new online publication called The Daily Rocket will launch on April 7 targeteted at self-sufficient, beginning investors.

The service is part of the rush to provide investors with online information. The Motley Fool, for example, has become legendary as a forum for investors. No trading will be offered with The Daily Rocket.

The company wants to keep details under wraps until its formal launch, but it already has posted a Web site. "The Daily Rocket provides a bevy of financial content targeted at investors not fully comfortable with financial information," the site says. Authors will include Leslie Whitacker, author of The Beardstown Ladies' Common Sense Investment Guide.

The site features original company profiles, audio programming, a comic strip, interactive investment contests, and discussion rooms. It also has stock quotes, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, and a customized ticker, as well as a radio program.

Company president Noah Tratt, formerly a Microsoft consumer executive for Encarta, has assembled a team that includes former execs at the software giant and McCaw Cellular. "Our mission is to make it easy for you to monitor your investments, to learn about the world of investing, and to enjoy yourself doing it," he said.

Tratt said some basic information will be available on the site for free, while the company will charge for the rest. He said pricing has not been finalized.

Tratt said he is undaunted by the competition. He hopes that the company will have an edge in offering easy-to-use, customized information.