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Tech Industry

Cyberian Outpost names new chief

Cyberian Outpost taps Robert Bowman as its president and chief executive to replace the company's founder, Darryl Peck.

Cyberian Outpost today said it has tapped Robert Bowman as its president and chief executive.

Bowman succeeds the company's founder Darryl Peck, who has been named chairman of the board. While Bowman, 44, will focus on the day-to-day operations at the Net-based retailer of computer hardware, software, and accessories, Peck, 40, will concentrate his efforts on the long-term strategy and operational growth of Outpost.

The appointment comes at a time when online computer retailers are being buffeted by slim margins and are facing intensified competition from a greater number of players. In August, Outpost said it would begin selling consumer electronics in response to and Circuit City, which began selling an array of electronic products over the Net.

Bowman joins after a stint as chairman of privately-held Internet firm providing business applications that support live, interactive Web-enabled communications. Bowman said he plans to remain as chairman of the board of icontact.

Prior to his tenure at icontact, Bowman served as president and chief operating officer of ITT, where he oversaw the growth of the $8 billion company.

Bowman is also a partner of eCOM Partners, an investment partnership focused on developmental stage opportunities, primarily in the Internet space.

" will remain dedicated to offering a full compliment of technology-related and other products in a specialty online shopping environment," Bowman said in a statement.