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Curiosity's view of Mars so far

It's been more than two weeks since NASA's rover landed on the Red Planet, and it's been busy snapping photos galore. Here, some of our favorite shots to date.

Curiosity has been sending images back from Mars for more than two weeks now, including this shot of its own shadow. NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, better known as the Curiosity rover, landed on the surface of the fourth planet from the sun on August 5, and it brought more cameras than even the most fanatic visitors to the Grand Canyon.

The space agency has been sharing many of the best from the thousands of pictures being sent back by Curiosity, and I went through NASA's public collections to compile the most incredible and insightful views of the Martian surface, and of the rover itself.

From the base of a 3-mile-tall mountain to a tiny mark made by Curiosity's onboard laser, this gallery is a taste of sci-fi made so much sweeter by knowing it's really sci-fact.