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Crave Podcast 95: Steal music, get a letter

We tackle this week's pod with a vim and vigour that's virtually unheard of in technology podcasts. Must have been something in the water

This week on the Crave Podcast Episode 95, Ian Morris, Kate Macefield, Nate Lanxon and Shannon Doubleday discussed a wealth of fascinating subjects with a vim and vigour that's virtually unheard of in technology podcasts. Must be something in the water.

News was hot hot hot this week and it's not just because Europe could get solar power from Africa. There's a rumble in the Apple jungle despite great yearly results; investors are all in a bunch over rumours that Jobsy is ill. Calm down, dears, he's only a micromanager. We're certainly hot and bothered about the BPI winning the right to ask ISPs to send letters to people it thinks are pirating music. You won't be able to see the steam coming out of our ears, but you could probably hear the whistling.

Whooshing over and through Crave, Shannon stepped in for Rich T to tell us about Panasonic's new camera line-up, Nate explained why the new Sony Ericsson mobiles annoy him and Ian drooled over the new Pioneer LCD TVs that have Kuro fans all abuzz.

In our special feature, the Year in Tech, we looked at 1995, which turned out to be quite a year for Internet companies, with both Yahoo and eBay starting up. It was also a big year for space, with Polyakov returning to Earth after setting a record for longest time in orbit and NASA launching its hundredth manned mission. Predictably, 1995 also saw the launch of Windows 95 -- it was quite an event.

Until next week, when the counter ticks over to 96 and Rory returns like the prodigal son, get downloading by right-clicking this link to get the MP3 or subscribe in iTunes, then have a nice chat with the other podcast fans in the Crave Podcast Lounge forum. We wish you pleasant listening. -Ian Morris

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