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Crave Podcast 53: Diggnation invasion

In this week's show we're kickin' it with Alex Albrecht from Diggnation -- he says he's here for our daughters, our beer and our tech

Hold on to your lobes -- this week in the Crave Podcast we're kickin' it with our Diggnation ally Alex Albrecht. He's in the UK to conquer our daughters, drink our beer and give his thoughts on the week's tech news.

The man likes a tipple, so we made sure there was plenty of beer in the studio. Between swigs we discuss the 30-year continuous power laptop battery. Is it real? Would you put radioactive material on your lap? And what about Nokia's $25,000 Ferrari phone? Is a smidgeon of leather and Bluetooth really worth all that cash?

This week's show also features a computer that can read your mind. It can tell whether you're happy, sad, bored or horny, and can launch countermeasures to perk you up. If you owned one it would be downloading the show and cranking up your speakers right now.

Go on, give your eardrums a treat. Find out how to download the latest episode here. -Rory Reid

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