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Crave Podcast 21: Mitchell and Webb on trial

What have our warped-minded wanderers got issues with this week? Will the Mitchell and Webb Apple ad campaign live to see another day? And what's the deal with pimped-up loos? Find out in this week's podcast

This week's podcast sees Rory Reid, Chris Stevens and TV reviewer Ian Morris wrestle with the giant mammouth that is consumer tech and popular science.

The team discusses the motives behind Steve Jobs' call for DRM-free music, mulls the whys and wherefores of Penguin's first 'wiki' novel and gives you details of MySpace's £1m competition to direct a feature film.

They also put Apple's Mitchell and Webb ad campaign in the dock, arguing to save its scrawny neck from the savage wrath of the hangman's rope, in some cases more convincingly than others.

Plus, they bring you a quick run-down of tech ideas for Valentine's gifts and help out a dear "old fool" called Terry.

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