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Crave in Comments: From chatbots to HP clamor

Here are a few funnies from our comedic Crave commenters.

It's been a super busy week here at CNET, especially with all of the new products emerging from IFA 2011. On top of the deluge of new devices, there were plenty of curious Crave stories posted over the last week. Here are a couple of my favorite comments from our faithful readers.

In regard to Chatbot-to-chatbot chat is silly and satisfying:

"Reminds me of Fox News for some reason. Meaningless nonsense, back and forth..." --by SwissJay

In regard to Microsoft details Explorer layout for Windows 8:

"Of course they moved the buttons again. They have to move the buttons to charge you for it again. And a billion folks will pay again. YOU will pay again. And then they'll move the buttons again next time. And you'll pay again. We've been playing this game since 1995. It never gets old." --by symbolset

In regard to Physicist cuts plane boarding time in half:

"Nevermind the morons in airline management who figured that charging for checked bags would save money. Bean counter fail." --by n0v0cane

In regard to Ghost stealth boat moves on gas layer around hull:

"It is amazing how much of our technology derives from our desire to kill our fellow humans." --by ImageStealer
The Resomator can make a human smoothie in two to three hours. Resomation

In regard to Now you can flush your body when you die:

"I think it's a little weird that this got posted on a blog called 'Crave.'" --by eccesignum

In regard to Sony debuts 3D OLED head-mounted display:

"As a Chiropractor I can't wait for this. It's going to cause so much more neck pain I'm going to have to hire more doctors to keep up with it." --by G2G2G2G2

In regard to Clamor for HP TouchPads turns nasty:

"#staycoolmybabies? Really? On a corporate account for a tech provider? If I had complained about something and someone told me #staycoolmybabies, I think I'd be pretty cross right about now." --by interacter

In regard to Lucasfilm changes original Star Wars trilogy again:

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of geeks suddenly cried out in terror and were not silenced...." --by gwhiz2K