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Crave Extras: Donald and the Archos 32

In this new Crave video feature, Donald is frank and earnest as he share his innermost thoughts about the Archos 32 tablet with Eric Franklin.

A few weeks ago, I posted a couple videos of Donald Bell and I saying unspeakable (!) things about the Dell Streak and the Livescribe Echo. We tried to do it in a real off-the-cuff, informal way.

We affectionately referred to those videos as "One on One" and we received lots of positive feedback. In light of that, we're going to try to produce such videos on a regular basis, but under the moniker "Crave Extras." We start with the media player that thinks it's a tablet, the Archos 32.

Most of what will be discussed in Crave Extras will be gadget-y, Crave-y stuff. We hope you like the format, but be aware that it will continually evolve and (hopefully) get better. We welcome your feedback.

Also, we definitely went a little long with this video, but we chalk that up to the excitement we felt sitting in a dark room and discussing yet another small electronics device. That just never seems to get old.

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