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Crave Ep. 102: Mr. Ghost app

This week on Crave, we ain't fraid of no Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF detector. Or any Bluetooth showerhead that sprays songs. Also, play our fun new game "Into It/Not Into It."

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On the second episode of Crave's newly resurrected weekly show, we ain't fraid of no Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF detector. Aaron Rasmussen, the creator of the ghost-hunting app, joins us via Skype to go over some of its cool features. Plus, we check out PopSlate, an iPhone case with an e-ink display on the back. Also, play our new game "Into It/Not Into It."

Crave news

- Watch as birds tweet on Twitter

- Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF detector for hunting hauntings

- Kohler's Bluetooth showerhead sprays songs

- A 'Star Trek: TNG'-style communicator for your shirt

- This quadrotor flies -- and rolls -- over just about anything

- PopSlate case adds second screen to iPhone 5

Into It/Not Into It

- This DeLorean taxi concept will likely never hit 88 mph

- This smiley face tattoo is monitoring you

- Train for chocolate: Custom apps for Suunto GPS watch

This week's Crave giveaway

- Symantec's Norton 360 Multi-Device suite