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Court orders data on credit card heist to be saved

CardSystems and three other companies are ordered not to destroy data related to the security breach at the payment processor.

A California court on Tuesday ordered CardSystems Solutions, Merrick Bank, Visa and MasterCard to preserve data related to the security breach at CardSystems, a payment processing company. Additionally, the Superior Court of the State of California in San Francisco set an Aug. 17 date for a hearing on the issue of informing individual credit card holders if their card data was exposed in the breach.

The orders are the latest development in a class-action lawsuit that was filed in late June on behalf of California credit card holders and card-accepting merchants. The suit was filed after about 40 million credit card accounts were compromised because of a data security breach at CardSystems. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for consumers and merchants. It also asks for consumers whose information was exposed to be informed and granted access to a credit-monitoring service. Additionally, credit card companies should waive any charge-back fees or penalties to merchants in the case of fraudulent transactions that involve any of the credit cards involved in the security breach.