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Compaq launches new notebook

The Armada notebook line gets a new flagship; lesser vessels get a price cut.

Compaq (CPQ) today introduced a new notebook in its Armada 4100 line and reduced prices on other models in the same family.

The new Compaq Armada 4131T is positioned as the new high-end model of the Armada 4100 family. It will ship with a 12.1-inch color active matrix display, a 133-MHz Pentium processor and 1.4 GB hard drive. It also features a 28.8 PC Card modem with full-duplex speakerphone and digital answering machine functions.

Intelligent Manageability--Compaq's asset management, security management, and fault management software--will now ship on all 4100-series Armadas, according to Compaq.

Compaq says the new 4131T will be priced at $4,299, but no availability dates were announced.

Compaq also reduced U.S. prices up to 19 percent on the following Armada 4100 family models:

Armada 4120: Old price $3,199, New Price $2,599, Percent Reduction 19. Armada 4120T: Old price $3,899, New Price $3,699, Percent Reduction 5. Armada 4130T: Old price $4,599, New Price $3,999, Percent Reduction 13. Armada 4110: Old price $2,599, New Price $2,199, Percent Reduction 15.