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Compaq cuts notebook prices

Prices are reduced up to 16 percent on its Armada line of high-end notebook PCs for businesses.

Compaq Computer has cut prices on many of its Armada notebook PCs, with reductions of up to 16 percent.

The price cuts affect its 3500, 6500, and 7800 Armada notebook lines.

The 7800 is Compaq's high-end flagship corporate line. The 3500 is a low-end slim model, and the 6500 is a higher-end thin design with extras such as a powerful graphics chip from ATI Technologies, a 300-MHz Pentium II processor, and a 14.1-inch LCD screen.

An Armada 6500 is now priced at $4,199, down from $4,999, a cut of 16 percent. The Armada 6500 Mobile Expansion Unit, which includes speakers and a bay for another hard drive, CD-ROM drive, or DVD drive, is now $299, reduced from $439, a decrease of 31.9 percent.

The Armada 3500 with a 266-MHz Pentium II processor and a 12.1 active-matrix screen is selling now for $2,799, down from $3,299, a drop of 15 percent.

An Armada 7800 with a 266-MHz Pentium II and 13.3-inch active-matrix screen, is now $3,599, down from $4,199, a cut of 14.3 percent. A 7800 with the same processor and 14.1-inch screen is now $4,199, down 16 percent from the previous price of $4,999.

Other 7800 and 3500 models were also received price cuts.

Highlights of Armada price cuts
Armada model Chip, OS Old Price New Price Percent Reduction
3500 PII 266, Win NT $3,399 $2,899 14.7
3500 PII 300, Win95 $4,299 $3,699 14
6500 PII 300, Win 95 $4,999 $4,199 16
7800 PII 266, Win 95 $4,999 $4,199 16
7800 PII 266, Win NT $5,199 $4,399 15.4
Source: Compaq