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Companies try teamwork for stronger defenses

A networking-telecom industry alliance takes shape. Also: Coming together to defend Net phones and beat back spam.

The increasing sophistication of hacker attacks spurs the formation of a networking-telecom industry alliance. Also: Coming together to defend Net phones and beat back spam.

Telecom giants join forces against hackers

Group of well-known telecom and networking companies, including BT, Cisco, EarthLink and MCI, will share data on hackers.
March 28, 2005

Industry group to map VoIP security

Recently formed industry alliance creates committee to define security requirements for Net phone networks.
March 28, 2005

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Politicians form transatlantic spam alliance

Move will also improve communication between the two countries on e-commerce, an official says.
March 25, 2005

Trillian IM flaw exposed

Cerulean's instant-messaging software comes under fire for vulnerabilities as concerns continue to mount about IM-borne threats.
March 25, 2005

Banks ordered to tell customers about breaches

If it's "reasonably possible" that customer data will be misused as the result of a breach, a bank must act, four U.S. agencies say.
March 24, 2005