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Comcast reportedly won't try to top Disney's $71.3B bid for Fox

The cable giant will apparently focus on bidding for the UK's Sky television instead.

Comcast To Bid For Sky TV

Comcast seems to have removed itself from the Fox hunt.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Comcast may walk away from its bidding war over Fox's entertainment assets.

Cable giant Comcast won't raises its bid for Fox to counter Disney's $71.3 billion offer, according to CNBC. Comcast will reportedly focus on its pursuit of UK's Sky television instead.

21st Century Fox, home to popular franchises like X-Men, Deadpool, Ice Age and The Simpsons, agreed to Disney's bid of $71.3 billion in June, rejecting Comcast's $65 billion offer.

Around the same time, Comcast bid against Fox for Sky television. Earlier this month, Fox offered $32 billion for Sky -- before Comcast raised its offer for Sky to $34 billion. Fox already owns nearly 40 percent of Sky and had been attempting to take full control.

Comcast didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.