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Tech Industry

Comcast problems in S.F. Bay Area

What broadband? Bay Areans complain their Net access is slower than dial-up.

San Francisco Bay Area customers of cable operator Comcast are having problems with their Internet service for the past two days, according to Comcast customer service representatives. In one case reported to, Internet access has slowed to a trickle. A Comcast representative did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Like many cable companies, Comcast has been vigorously marketing to prospective users of high-capacity products. This week the company reported a 64 percent increase in net income thanks to stronger-than-expected demand for digital video subscriptions, which included 284,000 net new digital video subscribers in the quarter. Wall Street estimated cable operators would attract an average of 178,000 such subscribers for the period. Comcast serves a total of 21.4 million basic video subscribers.