Colored electronic paper with a twist

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Take a look. One day, you could be using this e-paper to read your newspaper, view advertising or even order your dinner in a restaurant.

Fujitsu's new electronic paper
Credit: Fujitsu

New substrate-based bendable electronic paper from Tokyo-based Fujitsu is a thin film display the company claims keeps its color even when the screen is bent. The paper also has a non-volatile memory function that keeps its image stable. Changing content uses about the same amount of electricity as the weak radio waves found in some security badges, Fujitsu said.

The company said its new electronic paper is especially convenient for use on curved surfaces, such as columns, shelf display tags, advertising displays and even restaurant menus. Fujitsu said the technology could also be adapted for home use, paving the way for improved handheld media devices.

Fujitsu's electronic paper is constructed of three displaying layers--red, blue and green--with no color filters or polarizing layers. Because the screen image doesn't require repetitive updates to be maintained, the screen doesn't flicker, the company said.

Numerous R&D efforts are underway in the field of electronic paper. However, Fujitsu claims to have the first color version that features this particular type of memory function.

The technology will be on display at Fujitsu Forum 2005 this week as part of the Tokyo International Forum.

The company says the paper should be available to consumers between April 2006 and March 2007.

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